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Algorithmic creation: Unbearable thinnes of flatness?

I recently read Christopher Steiners: Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World (2012) which is a good overview of how computer algorithms have become commonplace in most unusual places. 

Steiner starts his journey with the 2010 flash crash in Wall Street, when Dow Jones suddenly lost over trillion dollars of it’s value in one day. Which is by the far the largest single loss ever recorded. Reason for this loss was a bug in one of the automated trading algorithms. Steiner then expands to the history of algorithms and how they took over stock trading and how they are now taking over many other areas, like entertainment industry, medical and health care industry. Steiner’s book is a good introduction on algorithms and their importance in our lives. The book got me thinking about algorithms in culture creation, where they are also already utilized.

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