Helou Katri also! Nice to hear from you!! I do notice there is a nice discussion going on about art, just thought I copypaset it here so its easier to read

So I wrote:
We just had this seminar about hybrid art practices, in other words, the role of artist nowadays. What is art and artist anyway? Its a open question.. We all do art dont we?

I just had a exhibition with two of my friends, and even as it was a really nice exhibition and all, I started wondering why the hell I am doing this? It costed me a lot of money and took lots of time to make this exhibition, and what do I get out of it – One article in newspaper, some thoughts in the opening. some experience. Maybe the wish that sometime in the future something will happen…

And its like this with lot of artists, they provide something and pay for it. Maybe it´s just me, but I think something is missing here…

Hybrid art in one way offers a way for artist to pursue new ways for their art, in one way it´s a way to survive as artist in this world.

Pessi said…
Terve vaa juu – – –
How nice to write in English – I don’t need to insert a & o umlauts via character map or ‘special characters’. /// Yes, art-as-a-job isn’t really happening, at least not in Finland, eh? I wish to have artistry as my JOB, not as a hobby. If art really was integrated to the society, it would be a profession instead of a subsidized activity. Farming in Finland is somewhat similar: without EU subsidies, no one would be a professional farmer in Finland.
Maybe this started way back with the Enlightenment, and the ‘disciplinarizing’ of the arts (G.E. Lessing: Laocoon, about 1766). Since then, arts have resided in more or less separate camps.
Interdisciplinary art doesn’t segregate, or close itself in an ivory tower, it can be integrated into everything else: look at almost any old or even indigenous culture and you’ll find things that point to this: First Nations of Canada, Gamelan of Bali or Java, flamenco, african music/dance; all consisting of a multitude of parts, each autonomous, yet inseparable from the whole.

15 October, 2005 01:35

Katri said…
Wow! Hello Pessi and Tomi! First thank you Tomi spending your time putting up this blog. It´s an excelent idea, and gives joy. Perhaps that´s why you did it.

Pessi; I liked your compair between agriculture and art in Finland.

I recognise the feeling one sometimes gets after putting up an exhibition. For me it is not only related to spending all my little money in it, put to the idea that why should that be the way to communicate with art.
( I couldn´t make it to your opening, but visited there one day after it – it was one of the energetig ones I saw that day in Tampere.)
I`ve started to reed Like´s published book about International Situationists. IS has always been so exciting for me. It is connected to the idea of fading the border between art and life. (I have had and still do have difficulties of using the word ART…Should I invent another word for what I do and want to do?) In the first pages there were written; ” We should not change the way people see pictures, but the way they see streets”.
Rain or broken overdrived tomato on asfalt can be so much stronger than paintings on the walls. Jari Jula answered to my essay on second year in AMK, that;” You should remember, that only thing rain can do is to make you wet. You make the rain touching.” So can it be really compaired? Picture made by human carring perhaps a meaning/message and natures´ powers?

Back to me again…
Maybe we should change also our view how, we look at people looking at art? And I think thats a great ideat, we all should do – to change the way how we look at life, things around us etc.
First time I came to Bergen and saw the fjords and little wooden houses adn everything I was amazed, so charming. Now lately, when I came to bergen I was listening to music in airport buss and lost in my thoughts, or when I go to library and wal across this beatiful bond, and where you can see the mountains, I rarely look at them… It´s so easy to get used to things. And when you get used to something, it stops being intresting. We lose our respect to that thing in a way.
Wouldn´t it be great if we could all the time see everything as fresh, without limiting boxes, -you know this is this, this is this street, there are the mountains. Then we could see that smashed tomaton in the street and look how beatiful it is.

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