First thing

First thing in life: Breath in.


This is my first blog, and it´s first entry. I have been through lots of computer hell to get started in blogging. First I started to install this open source wordpress, and got completely confused in setting it up with my new web server… Then I thought: oh well I´ll blog to my .mac page.. But you know these blogging apps cost money, so I got back to wordpress and found out I had only typing error and voila! my wordpress blog was ready… only to found out that my web server had problems…
But determined as I was, I thought, ok I go for the web-based blogs. and here I am.

So really, the night has come to the city of bergen, where I currently stay. I am studying my MA in visual arts here. Otherwise I consider my home is in Finland.

So I guess my blog will be about the field of visual arts as I understand and comprehend it. Also about sound art, macintosh things and

about the mysterious existence of life.

So for now, bye

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