On splashing 200 litres of water on museum floor.

Today opened Please Participate! exhibition in Saarijärvi museum as a part of Live Herring 11 event series. I am showing my collaboration work with my brother Mikko there. Our work is a visual representation of the water quality in finnish lakes from 1976 to 2010. The color shows the quality of the water.  We have a user interface where you can select which year to show and also what data to show. (phosphor & nitrogen, for more info see this pdf.)

Our original intent for the installation was to have a fairly large installation consisting of 80 rgb-leds (Shiftbrites if you want to know.) installed in  80 buckets full of water and laid in top of each other to form a large wall. and this we started making. and made for about 12 hours.. Only to stop for a press conference. During the press event we heard a big swooosh, I mean like the sound of 200 litres of water falling into museu floor.. We ran to see our work and there it was, on the floor with the flood. Yes it was a disaster. I mean  mixing water and electricity what could possibly go wrong?

With the help of other very kind and helpful artists and all the museum staff we managed to tame the flood and started collecting our very wet equipment. and drying them. And to our amazement it all still worked! So we had few hours before the opening and jumped into the task with sort of mission impossible kind of attitude… Plan B was to have no water and easy installation. In the end we managed to get it working and the end result is quite nice actually, different but nice. Actually with this one its easier to really explore the change in the water quality in the lakes.

Our installation was supported by Avek. Thanks!

Exhibition is open till 5th of june.




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