Painting with code

Painting is a process mostly done with brushes and paint. It has certain feeling about it. YOu can feel the canvas, it’s richness, it’s texture etc. You can smell the paint, feel it and see the concrete work you have done. Painting is physical act.

Painting with digital media has not interested me before, because it lacks the feel of the material. Most programs just try to imitate normal medias of painting. But they lack the odor, the richness and also the physical act feels incomplete. There is nothing material in digital painting. only something on the screen.

Lately I have been interested in alternative ways to use the power and capabilites of digital media. And this has been done through coding. Some easy code languages such as processing gives you the basic tools for accesing computer and digital media. This kind of basic components gives you (or at least me) more the feel that I am doing something, that I am in control of the media, or at least understand it. For me coding seems to be the missing brush for digital media.

This blog is somewhat of a diary of thoughts concerning coding, digital art, and art in general seen through the possibilites coding gives me.

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