I am always interested
when something new with coding and art comes out. A little time ago
I noticed that the javascript version of Processing (check:
) has
finally hit 1.0 version. I have been testing it a little and Im
quite happy about it. Heres some of my thoughts on the

What Processing?

style=”color: #888888;”>For those that word Processing doesn’t
ring any bells, it’s a fairly simple programming language created
for artists, designers and non-programming people. It skips all the
bit boring parts of programming and focuses on the fancy stuff,
like visuals and interactivity. It’s a great intro to the world of
programming, but also very powerful platform to creat visual art on
its own. Processing has quite large community and different
ecternals and libraries has extended its use in many, many ways. Oh
and it’s free. Check it out

title=”” href=””

style=”color: #888888;”>Why would I need the javascript

What makes me excited about the javacript version is
that it’s so easy to embed in many different web–based things. For
example in this wordpress post:

style=”color: #888888;”>It’s easy and great way to share some
sketches and also get your work shown. Also it’ll run on any modern
browser and is based on html5 and css.


There is some issues at least Safari and processing.js
and not all the processing sketches work properly. Specially theres
some issues with displaying fonts, specially in WordPress. All in
all, Im glad there’s such an easy way to show your processing
sketches on your own websites. (There is of

href=””> open processing’s

where its easy to share processing sketches, but I really like the
idea to easily share them on my own.) This way it’s interesting to
make your own online exhibitions with your work and control the
whole user experience.

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