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On splashing 200 litres of water on museum floor.

Today opened Please Participate! exhibition in Saarijärvi museum as a part of Live Herring 11 event series. I am showing my collaboration work with my brother Mikko there. Our work is a visual representation of the water quality in finnish lakes from 1976 to 2010. The color shows the quality of the water.  We have a user interface where you can select which year to show and also what data to show. (phosphor & nitrogen, for more info see this pdf.)

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Illuminating lakes

Next friday, the 8th of april, new exhibition called Please participate! will open in Saarijärvi Museum. Exhibition focuses on new, mainly Finnish media art and emphasizes interaction and participation.

Me together with my brother Mikko will be showing our collaboration there as a part of the exhibition. Our work is called Illuminating lakes and is a large data visualization of water quality in Finnish lakes from 1970’s to 2010. Read More