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Pään takaa- paintings of migraine

I am having exhibition in Galleria Å in Turku until 2.12.2012. It’s about dealing with migraines, or any illness that comes to modify your life in some way. My approach of the subject is dead serious yet overly humorous: What doesn’t kill you makes you make art.

Exhibition is a large installation of paintings and some embedded electronics. Your welcome to visit and I will post photos of it soon (enough).

I will also be talking about my work on 2.12. 14:00.


Illuminated lakes in SYKE

Illuminated lakes-installation can now be seen in the lobby of SYKE, Finland’s environmental administrations building. You can read more about the installation from here.

Some photos:

On splashing 200 litres of water on museum floor.

Today opened Please Participate! exhibition in Saarijärvi museum as a part of Live Herring 11 event series. I am showing my collaboration work with my brother Mikko there. Our work is a visual representation of the water quality in finnish lakes from 1976 to 2010. The color shows the quality of the water.  We have a user interface where you can select which year to show and also what data to show. (phosphor & nitrogen, for more info see this pdf.)

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Finnish painter associations annual sales event 11.3. – 20.3.2011

Paintings for sale!

Finnish painters association will host annual sales event in Cable factorys Merikaapelihalli from 11.3 to.20.3. It’s a great place to find nice art works with cheap prices. I will also have some works there, so if youre interested please go and check them out .(Pun intended…)

There will be 1400 paintings from about 500 artists, so its anyway great way to see lot of art.