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MAX/MSP and Arduino basic-course starts 5.3. in Helsinki

There is new max/msp & Arduino course starting at Muu mediabase this weekend. (5.3.2011)
There might still be few places left, so if you’re interested and happen to live in Helsinki be quick and
check more info at Muu’s site.

I will be teaching the course together with Jukka Hautamäki. Its going to be fun.

max/msp app for iOS

Just wanted to shortly to write about nice app for max/msp users with iOS device:
Basically c74 lets you connect your iDevice with max/msp in a very easy way.
No need to know any objective-c or cocoa touch. You create your screen layout for iDevice in max/msp,
and then c74 external object creates it in your iDevice. Nice and easy.
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Yet another new acquaintance on new programming platfroms: Impromptu This one is for os X users only and takes advantage of AU-units and is designed for live mixing, coding. Seems really interesting and free alternative to for example max/msp& jitter. (Although impromptu seems like normal programming platform and not visual like max. And there’s of course Pure data…)  There’s also some support for objective-c which does sound very good and can prove to be very powerful feature.

I haven’t had time to check it out myself, but if you do please leave some comments and your feedback, as Im very curious and interested of hearing more.