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My rant on digital creation

For the last five or so years I have extensively worked with digital media. My art works use digital technologies and I have taught digital technologies. In my day work I use computers for almost everything. I have to say that many things run very smoothly with digital technologies. Pictures, video, programming (naturally) -All this enables me to do-and create-  many things.


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I just added new gallery to my painting gallery: Migraine-paintings. They are new paintings from 2011 and will also be showed in Gallery Å in Turku, Finland in late fall 2012. Right now there is only few of them, but I will add more later on. [smugmug_image id=”1572468556″ image_size=”small” lightbox=”yes” lightbox_size=”large” return_url=”no”]

I also offer some of my paintings as prints, t-shirts and iPhone-covers. Check them out if your interested.