Three tre kolme

So nice to hear from you Pessi!

Interdisciplinary: relating to more than one branch of knowledge.

In other words, using our full, or at least more of our capacity than just one specialised skill. So what is interdisciplinary art then? Is it that many specialist of different fields come togehter and create something together, or one person expanding his/her skills and working area? Or both?

In a way I like the idea of expanding my area. I am a painter and I´m mainly painting in watercolor and tempera, so my focus on the art field is very narrow. Art, for me, is a way to comprehending this world, what ever it may or may not be. One can use one very specialised equpment for this and get good results, and/or one can look around and use different things and also this one specialised tool also and get maybe even better results. (Or chaos…)


Well sun is shining here in Bergen, which is a small miracle -as it rains something like 330 days here… So I will go out and enjoy it.

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    • October 16, 2005

    ps. I hope you notice that I answeres to the previous discusion….

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