World as it is

There is a world called Tellus, which we humans, amongst many other creatures live upon. Human population reaches soon six milliard people. In this tiny planet of ours (Jupiter is about 300 hundred times bigger) we have six milliard people living in their own world, interpreting this world in unique way. One could say that there is about six milliard ontology’s of this world/existence.
In one world there exists so many worlds; is there connection between these worlds? -A question many have asked. Renee Descartes famously concluded, “Cogito ergo sum” I think, therefore I am. But who is that is thinking, can I be sure it is I, might someone ask. We can’t be sure of anything actually. We can’t know in the pure sense of knowing that there even is these six milliard other people, or the world, nor Jupiter or whatsoever. We live in our subjective world; we see world through our eyes only.
Interesting then is, that we all believe we live in the same world, that there is something we all see and hear. And we have cultivated this believe very far, we have constructed our whole “objective world” upon it. We have defined our objective world, what it is and what it isn’t. We have invented science to explore this world. We have gone so far that we don’t remember anymore that the objective is only a belief, something commonly agreed.
All this is fine, we need to believe in order to live and function. But what makes it problematic is that this belief has been dogmatized. And people who contradict are not listened. We have lost our own subjective experience in order to build objective experience. Paradoxical and also ironical part is that in our age certain kind of individualism has also gone to the extremes. Individuality whish is born out of the collective objective truth, not out of our subjective experience.
What if we could build our objective world differently? Could we accept the fact that we may not have a clue what is really going on here? Could we wonder about this? Can there be something in our existence, which is common to all of us without the need to compromise? As science and our objective believes of the world relies on rationality and logic, could we leave all that behind and search if we have something in common in more humane level; in irrational feeling based level?
Life is irrational, chaotic, the law of cause and effect is only an invention, mere belief, which does make the world easier place to be, but is not necessary true. Nonetheless it doesn’t always work.
The world as it is, is a mystery. Something our logical mind cannot reach. That doesn´t mean it can’t be experienced.


    • November 3, 2005

    A short comment…
    Tomi wrote: “Individuality whish is born out of the collective objective truth, not out of our subjective experience.”

    I agree that individuality is not born out of a real and true subjective experience. It might be born out of so-called subjectivity, placebo experience, which everyone thinks is unique but actually is a result of a kind of mass production.

    But I don’t see how it is born out of collective objective truth? For me, objective truth is something to cling to in the middle of chaos. The fact that we can discuss.

    I continue to think about this i hope. (I’m too busy to write my own blog, but I will come here every now and then)
    Have a nice time in Bergen and look at the mountains!

    • November 4, 2005

    Heissan Maija!
    What I mean here with “objective truth” is a kind of construct of western civilization, A paradigmatic process where we build up a construct without realising (or refusing to see) that there is huge holu in the lower parts of the construct.

    So I do not refer to that belief of objectivity which is vital for us to keep our sanity, I am referring to this artificial truth of our own age, the truths of our western civilization. And from these truths (Truth meaning commonly agreed terms what is accepted and what is not, what is worth pursuing for and what is not) this fake individuality, trying to be someone is born.

    I have to visit your blog also!

    Ha det bra!

    • November 4, 2005

    just a typo correction: that there is huge hole in the lower parts of the construct.

    • November 8, 2005


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